Dazzle Her!

Ok you guys, listen up!  As we were deluged with jewelry commercials, we see diamond journeys, diamond circles, diamond hearts, diamond hugs and kisses, and all the other cliché ideas, boring and repetitive. Now if you really want to make an impression, take a word of advice…don’t get her (or him) something everyone else is wearing from TV or every mall jewelry store.

Here’s what to do! Go into her jewelry box, find that one special piece of sentimental jewelry from her mom, grandmother, or other loved one that she keeps to remember them by, but will never wear because it’s “just not her”. So, you take it to your favorite jeweler and make a special piece just for her from that old, probably unique pin, pendant or ring. If she won’t wear it because it’s yellow gold, make it in white gold! Give her something to keep close to her heart, something she’ll wear and keep reminding her of her loved one. If need be, check with a family member for a bauble that you can refurbish just for her if she doesn’t have a memorable piece from the family.

Just remember, be original in your thinking! Stay away from the “piece of the year”, because it won’t be for this year, you’ll see it for another 3 years until we’re all sick of looking at it….think out of the box, think from the heart, not the jewelry channel, and make something awesome to put in the box!

Colored Diamonds

Fancy colors of diamonds are of the biggest fashion right now.  Colored diamonds are the perfect gift.  There are things that should be known when looking for the perfect diamond. 

First, you look at the 4 C's.  The Color of the white diamond has ranges.  For example, D-F is colorless. G-I is near colorless, which is 80% of where most diamonds are purchased.  J and below have yellow tint until, of course, you get the the beautiful fancy yellow.  Clarity represents the characteristics of the diamonds.  Starting at flawless which is the best.  Next, is the VVS, VS, SI, in which again makes for a beautiful diamond.  Then, you get into the I1 and below on the scale.  Carat is the next C.  This pertains to the size of diamond that you are looking for.  Finally, the cut is the final C.  The cut does not refer to the shape of the diamond.  It is the dimensions of the cut.    The cut should be in proportion to the stone.  This really gives the stone the natural sparkle it should have if cut properly.  It allows the light to reflect back as it should. 

Most know of the four C's, however, I believe it should really be the 6 C's.  The next C being Cost.  You want to buy what is cost effective for you and choose what quality you can according to your budget.  You have to decide what is more important, size, clarity color.  With deciding that what will go into your budget. 

Finally, the sixth C should be Care.  When you do decide to purchase a diamond there should be general care involved as most things you purchase.  You definitely want to clean and inspect your prongs and stones by a jeweler every three to six months. 

We offer free inspections and cleanings to all of our customers.  We do not want to ever hear any of our customers have lost their stones.  We always honor requests for repairs to be done while you wait.   We want to build faith to our neighborhood customers.  Everything is always done on premises. 

Sun, Sand and....Pearls?

What better way to dress up that summer outfit than with the sweet elegance of a strand of pearls! TV anchors and politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are showing off their multi-color strands of pearls.
Pearls come into being in many shapes, sizes, color and quality. The most expensive are the natural Tahitian or South Seas pearl. They are formed naturally without human intervention. This formation is different from the cultured pearl, where the mollusk is implanted with an irritant such as a grain of sand. Pearls not naturally colored are dyed, which do not last as long.   The outer surface of the pearl is called the nacre and gives the pearl its luster and beauty. The thicker the nacre, the more valuable the pearl.
Want to know if your pearl is real? A quick test I tell our clients is to grasp the the strand tightly in the palm of your hand and squeeze. If you feel coolness, as the coolness of the water, it most likely is genuine. 
Finally, the care of your pearl is very important. They are delicate and are affected by soaps, hair sprays, perfumes, body oils, etc. Grandma’s old yellowed pearls suffer from these chemicals.

So, trust your local jeweler for repairs, restringing and to help you pick out the right pearl ring, pendant or strand for your skin tone, price range, and lifestyle!